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Let Us Change has always been active with planting trees on a small scale. In the very beginning, we merely used this to teach our children how to do it, but we also used the trees to decorate the nearby football- and basketball-fields. In 2013 we occasionally donated some trees to the local government, to plant them on several plazas, and we took part in a big tree-plant activity on the local mountain in Awassa, ‘Alamura’.

In this way, we contribute to the environment and at the same time make people happy with a little extra green in their neighbourhood. Near the end of 2013, we realized this could become even better. We started to plant trees on a large scale, which will mostly be sold after approximately two years to the local government. A part of the trees will also be sold to make Let Us Change more independent financially.

We especially want to plant trees in the neighbourhood of Lake Awassa, so we can fight the erosion in and around it. The lake is pretty big, and the problem of erosion will not be solved by our efforts alone, but we really hope Let Us Change’s example role can inspire other NGO’s and make us become a significant partner of the local authorities.

We have cultivated more than 20.000 trees, and hopefully most of them will emerge successfully. A small part of these have already been sold anno 2015. We will keep you up to date!