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Team Belgium

The Belgian operation “Let Us Change” is actively involved in the local operation in Ethiopia.  In 2011, the Belgian department received official recognition of the Belgian government as a non-profit association. As a result, Let Us Change is mandated to give tax deduction to Belgian sponsors who donate over 40 euros annually. 


johan founding father

Johan Vandenbossche is the founder and driving force of the Belgian non-profit organization Let Us Change. From 2009 until 2014 Johan volunteered for the organization. All these years he combined this with a job in the hospitality industry. When he decided to invest all of his time in Let Us Change in 2015, he did not pay himself a salary during the first 4 months. He wanted to emphasize to the sponsors and godparents, that the organization does not stand for self-interest and profit, but that the children in the homes always come first. After these first years and months, Johan went full time into paid employment at a minimum wage. In 2019
, before the arrival of a new colleague, his salary was raised to scale 329 .01 B1c. Let Us Change attaches the utmost importance to transparency in this respect. In order to prove that as much budget as possible is fully in line with our goal, and that no unnecessary budget is invested in the Belgian organisation.

Johan is very dedidated to the mission of Let Us Change. His biggest talent is to share this passion with (potential) sponsors. He is a talented storyteller and is always open for a conversation about Ethiopia. The efforts and dedication paid off. Both the Ethiopian and the Belgian operation of Let Us Change kept on growing. In 2019, the Board of Directors decided it was time to find a colleague for Johan, to support him in his daily tasks. 


non profit ethiopia


Joke Sonjeau has joined the Belgian team of Let Us Change as a project officer since January 2020. She wasn’t new to the organisation, because she did her internship in Ethiopia, 5 years earlier. Together with Johan she is responsible for training sessions, lectures and events in Belgium and for fundraising for the operation in Hawassa. Furthermore, she takes care of the communication, so sponsors and sympathizers get insight in the daily achievements of Let Us Change.


Raad van bestuurd vzw


Finally, Johan and Joke get support and advice from the Board of Directors.
This board consists of Eline Nys, Frederik Van Buggenhout and
Stéphanie Vandenbossche and is chaired by Karlien Mollemans.