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Volunteers are our bridge with the Western World, they are of enormous value for us. We appreciate what they do, for what they do. We are not one of those organisations that demand money to perform voluntary work.

Voluntary work should be free!

There’s always something to do in the Let Us Change houses. First of all: our children must play! Playing means everything to them. Help with a puzzle, draw, play soccer. In front of the house there’s a football field. Would you like to go on a trip with them? Of course that’s possible! Once in a while something also needs to be fixed in the house. Are you handy? Maybe you can paint? Usually volunteers arrive and just help with whatever they feel comfortable with.

There are some practical affairs that need to be taken into account. First of all: we always try to have at least one, but often more conversations with the volunteers beforehand. It’s of course not our intention to suddenly have random volunteers in front of our door in Awassa. We also have to take availability into account (summer holidays are the busiest). We do not ask for a financial contribution to come and help, because we believe that’s absurd. But if you do not use all of your allowed luggage weight that you can bring along, we do often ask to use your remaining weight for the project (see material).

We will also do everything we can to pick you up at the airport in the capital Addis Abeba. Addis is a very busy and hectical city. Awassa is just the opposite. You can travel from Addis to Awassa with a bus. Spending the night is possible in a small guest house or hotel, there are tons of in Awassa. It’s an analogue situation for restaurants, in every price category, and because of the Italian occupation of Ethiopia between 1936 and 1941 they even know a lot of nice Italian recipes, apart from local specialities.

We highly encourage volunteers to also travel to other places in Ethiopia. It’s such a beautiful country with fantastic historical sites, nature, fauna, … Just do an internet search for “Arba Minch”, “Lalibella”, “Simien mountains”, “Bahir dar” or “Danakil”. Travelling in Ethiopia can differ from very cheap to very comfortable. When you treat the local population with respect, you will be treated as a guest and have an unforgettable journey.

What you certainly need:

  • A valid passport for the whole duration of the journey
  • A valid Ethiopian visum
  • A vaccination against yellow fever (but additional vaccinations are certainly recommended)

We even recently developed a private forum where future as well as ancient volunteers can exchange their questions and experiences. Are you interested? Send an email to