Let us change ethiopië een thuis voor straatkinderen

We are highly dependent on material aid. Every time someone comes to visit us in Hawassa, we ask them to bring stuff. Second-hand items that are not or barely used anymore can still be very useful in Hawassa. For example, goods that are a lot cheaper in Europe or are simply not available for purchase in Ethiopia. Below is an up-to-date list with items that we would really love to obtain:


  • Shoes for 5-18 years old children
  • Educational games
  • English books for children
  • Plastic pants to pull over reuseable diapers

Always Welcome

  • Solid, non-electrical toys
  • Dvd’s of Disney, Pixar, or nice documentaries (Planet Earth, Frozen Planet,…
  • Someone who can print brochures for a friendly sum
  • Laptops & mice

if you have other clothes you want to donate, but we can’t use for the moment, you can always drop them of in the red containers of Wereld Missie Hulp.

Do you have anything for us, or is there something else you think of (‘wouldn’t it be handy for you to have this…’), don’t hesitate for a second. Contact us.