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Become godmother or godfather


As a godmother/godfather of Let Us Change you finance the monthly cost of care (€ 10), shelter (€ 15), education (€ 25) or food (€35) for one child. If you donate €85 per month, you can take care of the full sponsorship of one child! Thanks to the monthly donations of godmothers and fathers, the basic needs of the children are covered.  In return you can expect letters from Ethiopia with a school report, photo or news from your (symbolic) god child from Let Us Change.

As a sponsor of Let Us Change, you benefit from an annual tax benefit for gifts starting from €40/year. 45% of your donation will be reimbursed through your tax return (Belgium only).


Let Us Change works continuously to provide the best care for 92 streetchildren in Hawassa. Anually, we spent about €132.000 on healthy food, the best education and a safe home. The rest of the budget is spent on salaries of our staff, medical costs, furniture, electricity, water, firewood and repair costs.


Simply register online in this Google Form and receive an information folder sent to your home. In this folder you get acquainted with your randomly chosen godchild, you will find more information about the project and you will be invited for a standing order.

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