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Support us with your company

Various companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of corporate social responsibility. And rightly so. Companies have an enormous power to bring change. Both financial support and support by nature can make a big difference to Let Us Change.

Setting up a sponsorship campaign together with your colleagues, using your company for a long time as a meter/peter, buying sustainable business gifts for your employees or customers, … it can all be to the benefit of Let Us Change.

Why choose for Let Us Change?

Our organization attaches great importance to transparency. We are transparent about every issue and keep sponsors directly informed about the destination of their investment. Because of this, your company not only excels as a socially engaged company, but you can also share the results with whoever it concerns.

What’s more?

For every donation higher than 40 euros, you receive a tax certificate on an annual basis. You will be reimbursed 45% of your donation in the form of a tax reduction (in Belgium). In 2020, the Belgian government raises this tax benefit to 60%!

Same counts for relation gifts. If you want to thank partners or staff members with a gift from our organisation, you get 50% tax deduction. Find out more about our gifts here.

Contact us via e-mail for a customized offer for your company: