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Social empoyment

Most of our employees: the ladies in the kitchen, the cleaning women, the ladies who do the laundry, etc. come from the same world as the children themselves. They come from a world of begging, abuse, alcohol, and so on. They take the job with us confidently and have worked for a fair wage and board and lodging. As experience experts, they are the best psychologists for our children.

As an organization, we consciously choose to keep as many mothers and children as possible together. That has a logical cause. A child on the street is the largest source of income for a mother. If you take the child away from her, the mother gets stuck without income. The result would then be that she comes back to get her child to get back to bagging. That is why we offer these women a job internally or externally. If they are able to care for their child themselves, we offer them a remote home as well as a job for the mother and education for the child.