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Social Employment


Let Us Change wants to impact the life of Ethiopians who live on the edge of society. The organization does this by means of training and social employment for underprivileged people and beggars. In Ethiopia, 58 employees are employed by Let Us Change. 40 staff members have a history on the streets. Because of their situation, survival has always been paramount. When surviving is your number ons priority, short term solutions are more important than long term solutions like finding a decent job. For many, it’s a neverending story. Thanks to Let Us Change, they get education, a job, a fair wage and in some cases even shelter. In the long run they will make the transition to the regular labor market.

Depending on their background and talents, the staff members are employed in the bakery, weaving mill or in one of the homes. The jobs in the homes vary from cleaning lady to cook. As experience experts, they can provide the best follow-up for the children. They understand the background of the children better than anybody else, and can empatize perfectly with the experiences of the children.


Sometimes children whose mother (and/or father) is still in the picture, are placed by the government at Let Us Change, because of welfare risks. In this situation, the organization deliberately chooses to keep as many mothers and their children together as possible. Different motives can be found for this approach. A child on the street is the biggest source of income for a mother. If you take the child away from her, the mother is left with no income. The result would be that she would come back for her child, but cannot escape a life on the street on her own. That is why we offer these mothers a job internally or externally. By doing this, they are not separated from their child. Children are given the opportunity to receive care and education and the parent can build a future of his or her own to eventually stand on his or her own two feet.

Sometimes parents are emotionally capable of taking care of their child, but their financial situation forces them to give up (one of) their children. In this case we want to keep families united as much as possible. We offer them a home in the city and help the parents in their search for a job. Sometimes we even offer them a job in our social employment program. You can find more information about this approach here.