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Stichting Let Us Change

Although mainly the Ethiopian operation and Belgian non-profit organization are known to the general public, we also have an important Dutch branch within our operation. Stichting Let Us Change is the branch of our organization, which is dedicated to actions and fundraising in the Netherlands. The foundation is chaired by Max Tiemessen. Jos Heijhuurs, Laura Zweers and Wout Vanzoelen are the other driving forces within this foundation. They all went to Ethiopia several times already, where they got familiar with the local activities, the children in the homes and the Ethiopian culture. They are the perfect delegates to represent Let Us Change to our northern neighbours.


Let Us CHange Nederland




Chairman: Maxim Tiemessen
Treasurer: Jos Heijhuurs
Secretary: Wout Van Zoelen
Board member: Laura Zweers


Financial transparency is very important to Stichting Let Us Change. On this page you can consult the most recently published annual reports. These contain an overview of all income and expenditure in the Netherlands. This way our (Dutch) sponsors get a clear idea of how their donation was spent and it is an invitation for other people, organizations and companies to support Let Us Change Foundation in the future. If you want insight into older financial reports, please mail to info

Statutaire gegevens
Stichting Let Us Change Ethiopië
RSIN-nummer: 853179311
Rekeningnummer: NL08INGB0006214375

Stichting Let Us Change
Gruttersdijk 30G
3541BH Utrecht

+31 624 11 75 29