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Month of care

€ 20.000


Watch the meter grow every day to reach our goal of €20.000 for better care for the children.


We have the ambition to make October our Month of care, with as goal € 20.000,- to raise. Because better care is what our children need the most now. We can change that together! 

Discover below our 9 action points and how you can help us to reach our goal. Or make a donation right now through the button.

month of care


Together with Beteseb (our organisation in Ethiopia) and 3 local experts we came up with a doable plan to improve the care of the children. With the 9 action points below as result to accomplish in 2022.

House Coordinators

The 3 homes each get a full time house coordinator to care for the children. 


Our local psychologist will be permanently employed to support the children in their mental health.

Home Schooling

We hire a teacher to organize home schooling for our 3 children with a mental disability. 

Play Therapy

The children younger than 6 years old will get a weekly ‘Play therapy’ session where they learn new skills and build a positive self-image.

Life Skill Training

Starting from 6 years old, all children will get a weekly ‘life skill training’ with themes as how-to-study, sex education and communication.

Positive Parenting

For all staff members we will start a monthly ‘Positive Parenting Class’. Including themes as first aid, hygiene, safety, privacy and communication.

Kitchen Yard

We will hire a farmer to take care of the kitchen yard. So we can provide healthy food and become more

Minimum Wage

The wage of the staff members in our social employment projects will be raised for a better quality in life and work. 

Personal Development Plan

The new house coordinators will start a ‘personal development plan’ for the children. So each child will be individual guided in his goals and needs.


Do you have any questions? We would like to hear from you through a phone call or e-mail to Johan.

+ 32 496 48 83 70 

Johan in bakkerswinkeltje