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Local professions

Weaving mill

From our organisation in Ethiopia itself, income is also generated for Let Us Change. By selling the products of our weaving mill for example. The weavers in the weaving mill of Let Us Change make scarves, blankets and traditional Ethiopian clothing.

The weavers of Let Us Change are men from Dorze, a small village in the south of Ethiopia that is known for the weaving culture. Like the staff in our homes, they receive a fair wage for honest work. They are paid per finished piece so the more they want to work the more they can earn. They work in a comfortable environment, they eat together with the other staff and decide for themselves which days are their days off.

The materials used by the weavers are of high quality, namely Ethiopian cotton from Arba Minch. The weavers work creatively and offer new designs and color combinations themselves. In Belgium, the weaving products are sold at our charity events and markets, in Ethiopia they are sold to visitors (both foreigners and Ethiopians). The earnings of the products go entirely to Let Us Change. The weavers are very proud that in this way they can contribute to our project.


A few years ago Let Us Change started its own bakery. Two bakers are busy every day to bake and sell bread. Currently our bakery is being expanded, extra ovens and machines from Italy are coming. This is thanks to sponsors from both Belgium and Italy.

An Italian chef has also come to train our bakers further. We are selling our bread more and more, also to hotels and restaurants. In the future we would like to open several small shops where we sell our bread.