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Donations to Let Us Change are tax deductible in Belgium. This means that every sponsor who has donated a minimum of 40 euros on an annual base, will receive a tax certificate from us that entitles you to a fixed tax reduction of 45% on the total gift. For example, when you donated a total of 100 euros on an annual basis, you will get a deduction of 45 euros on your taxes! 

The tax certificates will be sent in March or April to the address linked to the bank account from which the transfer(s) took place. If you choose to make a payment by Paypal, you will also need to provide your correct address details. The certificate will automatically appear on your tax return under the code 1394 (Belgium only). 

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  • If you donate via the website, a small service fee will be charged. If you donate 40 euros via the website, this service fee will be deducted and we won’t receive the total of €40. As a result, you will not be entitled to a tax certificate. If you wish to receive a tax certificate, we advise you to fill in “41 euros” in the form, or make a regular bank transfer (of 40 euros) to the account number below!
  • Wire transfers between Belgium and the USA always come with extra service fees. Are you a US resident and would you like to make a small contribution? Please check our US-partner ‘Empower Ethiopia’ and make a donation on their account to avoid extra fees.

Wire transfer IBAN account (EUR)

Account Name:
 Let Us Change Ethiopië vzw
Account Number: BE20  7430  5300  5056

Wire transfer IBAN account (USD)

Account Name:
 Let Us Change Ethiopië vzw
Account Number: BE66  7310  1808  7643