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Care and education for vulnerable children

A home for 92 former street kids

The three homes in Hawassa are the main project of Let Us Change. A total of 92 children live in these compounds. Previously, most of them lived in the streets. With or without their parents.

In our three homes the children are divided by age and by gender. There is the boys’ house, where the eldest boys (from the age of twelve) live. The girls’ house is home to all the girls older than five and the boys between five and twelve years old. Our eldest girls, already real young ladies, help the staff take care of the younger children. Finally there is the baby house where all babies and toddlers younger than five live. According to Ethiopian law, Let Us Change is the guardian of all children.

The children of Let Us Change spent live the first years of their life on the streets. Not only did they suffer from cold and hunger, but they also grew up without safety, love or affection. They saw and experienced things that children should not be allowed to experience or see. In our homes we try to leave all that negativity behind and make sure that the children do not miss anything. We offer them a total care package: they need healthy food, good education, a safe home and above all a lot of love. Let Us Change offers them all of that.

Quality Education

The children go to a good private school in the area. After-school tutoring is provided for those who have fallen behind due to their life on the streets. In this way we try to make sure that they all do well at school and that they get equal opportunities. The reason we choose private schools, is to help our children to catch up on their learning delay. Most of the children at Let Us Change are far behind on their peers due to their history of living on the streets. In a public school, the children would share a class with 80 fellow students, and there would be no space for personal coaching. In a private school, tutors have the time and space to support each student individually if required. The result shows off, as our children show tremendous growth and progress.

School support for other children

Let Us Change not only helps street children, we also try to support their parents. Many of our children still have a mother, the fathers are often unknown. When a mother asks if we want to take over the care of her child, she wants to be helped as well. For these mothers (and also for other families and older, sick people) we rent houses. Here you can read more about this project.