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Aid to the poor

Let Us Change rents 40 houses for the most vulnerable in society: the elderly, the sick and beggars. These people are in a downward spiral and don’t know how to get out of it. We believe that having shelter is the first structural step towards a better life. Thanks to their home, these people are better protected against illness and can show up at work or job interviews. The fact that they now live in a neighbourhood also offers them advantages such as finding a babysitter during working hours. Renting a house costs Let Us Change about ten euros per month.

Besides paying the house rent we also help these people in other ways. We make sure they have access to sufficient and healthy meals, we provide the sick with medication and we send the children to school. The school fees per child cost us between five and eight euros per month. We also pay for school supplies such as a uniform, books and stationery.

We follow up on each of these families separately and determine together with them which (financial) help they need in order to get back on track in life. 150 people are assisted by us in our “aid to the poor” program. Our intention is that in time they will become completely independent. There are still many beggars in Hawassa who need our support and people come by every week to ask for our help. Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have enough resources to help all these people and we have to disappoint many of them. Only in very urgent situations we can act. In the future we would like to be able to help many more people.