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A home for street children

The three homes in Hawassa are the main occupation of Let Us Change. In total there are 90 children. Previously, they all lived on the streets with or without their parents.

In our three homes, the children are divided by age and gender. There is the boyshouse, where the biggest boys (starting from ten years old) live. In the girlshouse, all girls over the age of five stay and also the boys who are too young to go to the boyshouse. Our oldest girls help the caretakers with guiding the younger children. Third, there is the babyhouse where all babies and toddlers younger than five stay. According to Ethiopian legislation, Let Us Change is guardian of all children.

The children of Let Us Change have spent their first years living on the streets. There they not only suffered from cold and hunger, but they also grew up without much security, love or affection. They have seen and experienced things that children should not experience or see.

In our homes we try to forget all that and ensure that the children do not fall short of anything. We offer them the total package: we find that they mainly need healthy food, good education, a safe home and above all a lot of love. Let Us Change offers them all.

The children go to a good school and after-school tutoring is provided for those who have fallen behind because of their street life. This way we try to ensure that they are doing well at school and that they are given equal opportunities.

Let Us Change not only helps street children, we also try to support their parents. Many of our children still have a mother, the fathers are often unknown. When a mother asks if we want to take over the care of her child, she wants to be helped herself. That makes sense, because the child is often the largest source of income for a beggar. The mother doesn’t earn anything anymore without a child. For these mothers (and also for other families and older, sick people) we rent houses. You can read more about this here.