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Staff meeting in Awassa

Over the years the team of Let Us Change Ethiopia has become a group of more then thirty staff members, led by Aynalem and Asmarat. While the kids were at school this morning, the staff had a big meeting to discuss how things can be better in the future and hand out compliments for the great job they’re doing.


The majority of the staff members are women who were living on the street, for which the change to a working habit is a major challenge for both the emloyee as the organization. They come from a harsh world of survival, abuse and deceit into a totaly new world of opportunities where they have to learn responsibility, cleaning, nurturing, hygiene, cooking, grooming, handling money and learn the working rhythm of te organization.

It’s not an easy but very rewarding choise to work with these young disadvantaged women. We need them to help us manage the children homes and in return we try to give them the opportunity to go to school, to develop in a safe environment, to perform honest work for a fair wage and learn to trust in people and themselfes. A unique project of which we are very proud.

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