Those little things…

We often don’t see the small things in life, those things that pass by, but they are the thing that make you laugh, smile, happy,… I give you a few from the last few days.

– The smallest Beniyam eats a banana faster than all the other small children, younger than 5 year, he himself is not even two.

– Semira came into the office today with flowers, she gave them to me, and she gave a kiss; Without saying anything, she left the office again.

– they saw on televion how crazy white people can be around Christmas. they all drew a picture of a christmastree, although they never saw one.

– Small beniyam doesn’t wear dresses anymore, since he started going to the ‘poopoo’, he wears pants!

– The big boys had a discussion about who the world best footballplayer is. they were so na├»ve that they thought i had the anwser.

– We had cheese in the house. Big beniyam came for a piece, spits it out in the garden en comes back for antoher piece, hoping the second is better. Also the third one was bad…

– Couldn’t explain that we non-Ethiopians were going to the year 2013, here, we are still in 2005, untill september.

– Adane and i had a draw in chess. I allmost lost… Is never gonna happen again!

Best wishes, from all the kids

3 thoughts on Those little things…

  • By Lore -

    Hallo allemaal daar!!!

    Heerlijk om te horen dat alles goed gaat! Succes met de zoektocht naar een nieuw en betaalbaar huis en… prettig kerstfeest!

    Dikke zoenen aan iedereen daar!

  • By Yvette Van Gossum -

    Hartverwarmende nieuwsjes! Een biologisch-genetisch-bewezen- papa kan niet trotser zijn op zijn kindjes. (en ik ben een heel trotse mama)

  • By Lieve Polfliet -

    Beste Johan,
    Beste kindjes,
    Jullie ‘kleine peziertjes’ zijn groots!
    Jullie ‘kleine pleziertjes’ maken me stil!
    Jullie ‘kleine pleziertjes’ zijn krachtig!
    Jullie ‘kleine pleziertjes’ zijn vonkjes van licht en hoop!
    Voor jullie ‘kleine pleziertjes’ heb ik ontzettend veel respect!
    van harte!

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