A second home!

We can open a second house!

The city administration will cover the rent of a new home for another 20 children. It took us a very long time, but finally, we are there! To show how big this step is for LUC and how much it means to us and our beneficiaries, I’d like to give you a small history.

December 2008: Aynalem legally adopts the first boy. In the following months two other children come to her. Those two don’t have parents, so there is no problem in the adoption process. Nobody cares for them…

2009: The local ngo ‘Let Us Change Ethiopia’ gets registered. In Belgium there are a few people who also believe in a “children’s home for 20 street children”. It was a dream, in those days, there were only three of them.

February 2010: We start renting a house, with only three bedrooms, a small kitchen, a bathroom. For us, it is like a paradise on earth. The next day, we go to the church and gather all beggars who are living in the neighborhood. More than 100 people come to us. We listen to their stories and tell them we will help them if they want to change their lives. Another day later, we take 9 new children in our house.

March 2010: We start renting houses for the parents of our 12 children and a few other extremely poor families. After only a few weeks, we rent 20 houses. We look for a job for these people, we send the children to school.

Summer 2010: Another 3 children arrive in the house: there are 15 of them. The house looks full. We are able to help the distance families better in their specific needs. One man needs an artificial leg, a woman needs an eye surgery, other people are getting rid of a long period of addiction to drugs or alcohol.

September 2010: In Dilla, a town in the south of Awassa, we send 20 children to school. These children never got the opportunity because they live in the local prison with their mother, some of them were even born there. Now we can say that this number is reduced, which is good. Some children are released .

Spring 2011: the number of distance families grows up to 40. This means over 130 people.

Summer 2011: There are 19 children now in the house and we decide that we can’t take more children. In some beds, there are two children. A few days later, a woman drops her child and runs off. 20.

End of 2011-2012: LUC grows a little bit more. There are 21 children in the house and the number of distance families is now 45. The children of these families are growing too and more and more are going to school. Now, that’s a group of 60 children.

Summer of 2012: The whole summer volunteers come to help. In total more than 10 people come from 5 countries to our children.

End of 2012: The weavers move to a new place and the city starts renting a second house for 20 new children.

We try to be very open about our monthly expenses, though it is sometimes difficult to have a clear view on it. For example: we give a grandmother monthly some money to support her and her three grandchildren (her three daughters died…). She is responsible enough to manage the money and to send the children to school, to pay for food and clothes. We are not involved in the expenses she makes.

But every month, we spend around 2.000 euro. Our biggest costs are of course: food, the rent for the 45 houses, school expenses and staff. Other costs are limited: the founders and board members are not paid and volunteers pay their whole trip by themselves. Clothes and toys are donated.

For the new place, we expect these costs:

500 euro a month extra for food

200 euro extra will go to the school

70 euro is what we need for the new staff

And before we can really start we need of course:

7 new double beds: 1400 euro

20 sheets, blankets, pillows: 800 euro

20 chairs: 400 euro

5 tables: 400 euro

Kitchen material: 300 euro

a new stove: 400 euro

Please think if you can help us in this.

Send a child to school, and we will pick them up at 3.30;

Give a child food, and we will feed him;

Give a child a bed, a sheet and a blanket and we will tuck him in.


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