Help for street children

Inkuwan dehina netachilu/welcome,

Nine years ago, Aynalem and Johan made their dream come true: a home for children in Hawassa. What started as a small organisation ended as a home for more than ninety children.

Let Us Change Ethiopi√ę: Aynalem and JohanIn 2008, Johan went to Ethiopia for the first time with the plan of founding a youth movement. In Hawassa, he met Aynalem and quickly they realised they both wanted to make a difference for the many street children in Hawassa. They decided to found an organisation together. That’s how Let Us Change was born in 2009. A home of nine children grew into an organisation with ninety children. In the three houses, Let Us Change offers a place where street children get the chances they never had before:

  • a safe place to live
  • healthy food to grow
  • a great school to play and learn
  • a loving family to grow up in


Besides the homes, Let Us Change  is also committed to helping children in prison, beggars and 40 underprivileged families in the region. With their own weaving mill and bakery, jobs are created for deprived people and income for the rent is being generated.

On this website, you can read all information and all updates of our projects as well as different ways to support us.


Watch the beautiful movie made by film maker and friend Jorgo Kokkindis about the mission of Let Us Change and the day-to-day life in Hawassa here.