Inkuwan dehina netachilu/welcome,

It is with a lot of Ethiopian warmth and hospitality that we welcome you to our website.

Let Us Change (LUC) is a non-profit organization which is primarily responsible for the care of street children in Ethiopia. Today we have three homes in Awassa where we take care of 85 children in total.

In addition to our children’s homes, we are also very much committed to help beggars and poor families in the region of Awassa. We help them to generate income and provide jobs to them in our own weaving mill and in a small bakery. We also plant trees in the wider area around the city, in order to prevent erosion of Lake Awassa.

Finally, Let Us Change tries to enhance community development by providing assistance to deprived people, always in cooperation with the local government.

Let Us Change was founded in 2009 and has been growing ever since. Throughout this process, we always remained faithful to our values. We want to preserve the Ethiopian culture and traditions in our children’s homes, both in the way we run our homes and in the way our children are being raised and educated.

Transparency, fairness, solidarity and quality are very important values to all of us.